The new way to plan your wedding.

Planning your wedding needn’t be difficult. Two Gold Rings is the new way to make it easy, every step of the way. It works by matching vendors to you—your budget, your timeline, your preferences. And everything’s designed to track your progress in real time. So, no more endless phone calls to vendors that may or may not get back to you. Instead, once you’ve set a few basics in place (date, budget and such), vendors will review your likes and dislikes; then you'll review those curated vendors—and you may be surprised with special offers before you even make that first call. Simple as that. And your groom? He’ll have his own site, Groom Authority, that meshes with yours, offering topics and tips (and even tasks) that keep him informed—and on schedule—without overwhelming. So the two of you stay perfectly on track for your perfect day.

Budget-aware for best results.

Money wisely spent is enjoyed more. Because a dollar saved here or there is a dollar for something else. We’ll connect you to vendors that fit your budget needs; they’ll then contact you with customized offers. So you’ll pay only for what you want, and nothing you don’t. Doesn’t that sound good?


A matter of taste.

You love red velvet and buttercream; he’s chocolate all the way. We can help you in the taste test for the best bakery—the one to bring your flavor profiles together and create a one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Or cupcakes, if that’s your call. Or maybe something altogether different. After all, it’s your wedding—who says you can’t have your lemon tart and eat it too?


Flowers, arranged.

No other design element receives greater attention than flowers: They set the mood of your wedding, so colors and styles are equally important. We'll guide you to florists who bring their taste and expertise to everything, and everyone—centerpieces to bridesmaids (and needless to say, both moms). And your own bouquet? It should be a keeper even with that good—luck toss after the I‑do's.


All eyes on you.

Sweeping and strapless? Frilly and full? What you wear on that walk down the aisle is your defining moment. We’ll help you make a choice that best reflects your style, with look books for inspiration. And vendors to tailor your dress to perfection. Why, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you (and neither will anyone else).


Picture perfect.

Amateur selfies seen once (and deleted) may have novelty appeal, but your wedding pictures should be the precise opposite: permanent, and professional. Finding the right photographer/videographer requires a keen eye, but also a personal connection. We’ll assist you in the screen test, with vendors who are happy to provide examples of their work (and just as important, how they work).



How we’d love to be part of your very special event—will you say ‘yes!’ to us? Sign up now and we’ll be able to send you customized offers prior to our full launch.

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About Us

You said yes…


...and now the day you've dreamed about is coming true. But did your dreams include a budget? Did you dream of contacting 26 florists, 34 caterers, 15 venues and who-knows-how-many bands? Didn't think so. And despite all the planning websites out there (we know you've been looking!), most brides still spend over 10 hours a week—often during the workday—in planning their wedding. We can help.

How other sites disappoint.


While the usual wedding planning sites do give you a few tools, you’ll soon notice that all their “preferred” vendors are put in front of the line. Then you still have to go through each of them, one by one—and repeat it, step by step, to separate the good from the bad. Now we know how bridezillas are made.

How we’re better.


Welcome to Two Gold Rings, here to help both you and your groom. It’s the all-in-one site that brings bride, groom and providers together—with the tools you need to assist (and succeed) in planning. Your dashboard has topics customized to your own role as a bride; his dashboard is more groom-centered. Plus, a shared feature keeps you both in the loop, with updates on budget and deadlines to bring it all together.

Your wedding companion.

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Maybe best of all is our exclusive planning tool—MyWeddingArchitect™—that connects you to vendors that match your budget. No more scrolling through scores of florists, caterers, venues on your own. We’ve done that for you.